From Starkville to Topper – Field School 2015

Right now, Kelsey Meer, Ryan Young, and myself are in the midst of running the 2015 MSU Survey Field School. This year we’re surveying the Allendale Chert Quarries north of the famous Topper Site along the Savannah River in South Carolina.

11267193_443994662448741_7764762610059008033_n    The Savannah River

To get to the site I drove a passenger van full of students and gear from “the pit” parking lot at Mississippi State to the campground at Topper, and I set up my GoPro camera to take a picture for every minute of the drive.

Below is a look at what the field school students are doing (thanks Leslie Page for these pictures):





Prior to heading out to Topper for this field season, I looked at “” to see what areas had low levels of light pollution for night photography. The area around Topper is right on the edge of one of the few “dark” areas of the South Atlantic, and the night sky has been absolutely killer. Last night we could see the Milky Way, and I spent the night before taking various photos of the picnic shelter at night.


Until the next update…


Dr. Shane Miller

Assistant Professor of Archaeology


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