Update on the Service Learning Project: Creating a Better Tomorrow Together

Cover Page SLP FINAL

We have been working really hard to use the kids’ artwork to create coloring books. We scanned all of their pictures. After much trial and error, we realized that we couldn’t use a computer program to turn the images into coloring book pictures. Instead, we used markers to outline the artwork. Then, with the help of Dylan’s guidance and the light tables, we were able to trace the pictures onto white paper, and viola, coloring book pictures! We organized the images into three basic categories (1. cityscapes, 2. sports, arts, and entertainment, and 3. nature). We decided on the order to put these in the books and scanned them. We have also finished the cover page which uses all the kids’ pictures as the background.

Also, thanks to AMEC, we have a binder and all the equipment we need to bind the coloring books. Now, we just have to print, bind, and deliver the final product to the children who participated. We are still pursuing funding to create the panels. We are also working on a full color book with explanations and quotes from the children to present to the schools and the city.

We have accomplished much, but there is still a lot left to do! It is really important to us to finish the coloring books to give back to the kids who made this project possible. We want them to see what others their age think about making our community better. We also want to encourage them to see the important role they each can play in making their visions a reality.

These are pictures of us working on the images, tracing the images on the light table, and a picture of the coloring book prototype.

SLP Pic 2

SLP pic tracing images


SLP Coloring Book Pic


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