There and Back Again: A Mitrou Tale

This summer is my second year at Mitrou and it is great to be back in Greece and Tragana! Mitrou is a prehistoric site located in central Greece, near the archaeological sites of Proskynas, Gla, Orchomenos, and Kalapodi. This is the site’s sixth study season and a lot of research is going on including pottery catalogues, ground stone tool analysis, and starch grain analysis.

MAP04aerial Aerial view of Mitrou

Dr. Nick Herrmann and I have spent the last month finishing up the skeletal analysis for Mitrou. For the two weeks before Nick arrived I analyzed human and animal bone that was found during survey throughout the years of excavations. I have now moved on to compiling data for the mortuary volume and using arcGIS to make maps for one of our illustrators. It was a little rough using the program the first few days, but I think I’ve got the hang of it now.

Last summer Nick and I went to the Pefkakia site in Volos to examine a skeleton from a cist they had found. We visited again this summer so we could see their excavation and learn more about the burial. While in the area, we tried to visit a few other archaeological sites. We were successful in seeing the theatre of Ancient Demetrias, but as per tradition we were not able to see the Volos Museum because it was already closed!

DSCN1067 Nick and I locked out of Dimini in 2013

Tragana, the village where we stay while working at Mitrou, is located between the sea and the mountains, so it is very easy for us to go hiking. Normally we only go hiking on the weekend (so we are guaranteed to find our way back down before dark) but a few of us decided to risk spending the night on the mountain and went hiking one day after lunch…..

10173608_10152117525698477_3892767952728647276_n View of Tragana & Mitrou

However our planned hike to the top of the ridge was cut short by a friend’s ongoing battle with shingles. Instead of hiking any further, we decided to play baseball with a stick and rock, and while this was probably not the safest decision we could have made, it was a lot of fun. 10410789_571872899590223_4113586563543898641_n


But after a hard week’s work it’s always nice to enjoy a meal at the local butchers…

107_6154 Nick and I with the always good fried zucchini

…and to enjoy the sunset in Tragana at the end of each day.


Stephanie Fuehr

Bioarchaeology MA Student


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