On Point

After completing a successful two week dig at Poverty Point in Louisiana, the class returned home to Starkville for the next two weeks of field school. Following a weekend of rest and countless bottles of poison ivy lotion, everyone showed up bright and early, eager to get back to the grind of shovel tests and controlled surface collections. Monday we met Jeffrey Alvey, a Ph.D. student in anthropology at the University of Missouri and director of the cultural resource management of the Cobb Institute, to help survey for his dissertation. After arriving at Dr. Peacock’s brother’s house near French Camp, Mississippi, the class began shovel testing the area. One of the shovel test pits showed a feature that is going to be very helpful to Jeffrey’s research. During this week, we also met Jayson Zoino, a graduate student, and went to Greenwood to controlled surface collect an area which consisted of many historical artifacts.



Controlled surface collection on cotton fields in Eupora, Mississippi was successful and turned into a competition of who could find the most points. Thursday we found a site with lots of flakes, and Will Turner found the first triangular point of the day. Another triangular point was found by Ryan Young, which started the “smack talking” between him and Will, but both would fail to find any more. Daniel Shawl was the last to find a triangular point, and found another later, though it was not a diagnostic. Unfortunately, for them, their finds could not beat the spear point I found earlier in the week and still holds true today.

Image Small Triangular Point

Image Woodland Stem Point

Brent Lyles
MSU Anthropology Undergraduate


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