The Beginning of Survey Field School

Day 1:

In the beginning, there were twelve (no one begot anyone yet). We arrived at Poverty Point in Delhi, LA after a long 4 hour drive from Starkville, MS. We met the station archaeologist, Dr. Diana Greenlee, who gave a riveting background presentation of the site and explained the purpose of our work for the field school. After the presentation, the group toured the museum, which featured poverty point plummets, objects (PPO), lithics, furs, and many other informative exhibits. From the museum, we toured the mound complex and took many a picture. Poverty Point is clearly a marvel of human activity.
In the evening, the crew settled into the bunkhouse to prepare for the days ahead and began to get to know the people that they would live, eat, and sleep, with for the next few weeks to come.

Image Mound A: the largest mound at the site.

Image  The crew at the top of Mound A.


Christina Ramazani

Graduate Student


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